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WhizBiz — Whiz Explorer Bag

Whiz Explorer Bag is made for the active. It's machine-made from strong plastic-material with a durable zip. Inside is plastic to resist fluids, and outside is a pleasant fabric texture.

The bag is custom-made to fit your Whiz and a few extra accessories you may need.

What are customers saying?

"It's good to have a bag I can hide my Whiz in. People don't know what's in the bag. I know the Whiz is clean, but still it gives me peace of mind that it's not touching anything else in my handbag or pack."  KateO

"Great value at $4.95. It rounds out the set well." Shaz73

"So happy you're making bags now! This is my third Whiz in 5 years and finally I've got a bag no-one can see through. Thanks!" - Janice