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Biometric And Auditing Issues Addressed In A Throughput Model

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This book proposes a Throughput Model that draws from computer science, economic and psychology literatures to model perceptual and judgmental processes whereby biometrics might be used to reduce risks to a company's internal control. The book also discusses challenges in employing biometric technology and pinpoints avenues for future research. Biometrics is the examination of measurable biological characteristics. In organizational security, biometrics refers to tools that rely on measurable physical and behavioral characteristics that can be automatically checked. The Throughput Modeling process enables organizations to employ trust systems in assisting transactions that are motivated by ethical considerations. Auditing systems are by far based on trust. Concepts of ethics and trust are aided by the employment of biometrics technology, which enhances the transactions between individuals and organizations in an internal control environment. Issues pertaining to sustainability are also examined with the assistance of the Throughput Model. Finally, this book examines the potential use of an internal control biometrics system to lessen threats to identification and verification procedures. This book proposes an "Throughput Model framework" that considers both exposure and information risks as fundamental factors in classifying applications and organizational processes that might be candidates for the type of internal control biometrics system that biometrics can offer.

A Multi-modal Approach To Address Adhd

RRP $24.95

The book is organized in two main parts: general information and basic research about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders; and practical information full of psychological/behavioral and educational/learning style strategies and tips. The first part of the book provides the reader with adequate information to understand the rationale for using the techniques in the latter part. Chapters I through III provide that general and basic information, including the medical approach. Chapter I describes what the ADHD disorders are, etiological theories, DSM-IV-TR criteria, and how one makes a differential diagnosis. Chapter II acquaints parents and professionals with symptoms as early as infancy and preschool age, and what they can do when ADHD is suspected. Medical treatment is usually recommended; therefore, Chapter III deals with the medical approach and the various categories of medicines that can be used to treat the different types of ADHD. Chapters IV through V focus on the non-medical approaches. Chapter IV describes psychological/behavioral approaches to address problems of executive functions, attention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, social skills, memory and organization of time and materials. This chapter emphasizes the importance of addressing executive functions first and foremost as well as early in development to be most effective. Chapter V makes the point that learning style approaches emphasize strengths of children with ADHD rather than weaknesses; and that these children learn different. One could perceive this chapter as a handbook to use in determining which of the elements of style a child exhibits and preceding with the appropriate technique. Chapters IV and V also make the point that the non-drug approaches can yield a relatively permanent change in behavior which will take practice.

Never Again! (a Protest And Warning Addressed To The Peoples Of Europe)

RRP $16.99

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.


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