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Addressing World Food Problems

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Food is very vital for existence of man. Similarly, it is believed that food is basic to world peace, security and togetherness. An adage says that "a hungry world is an angry world." It is impossible to imagine a world without available and affordable food. Generally, we tend to believe that food is not the problem but the purchasing power. Ignoring the fact that world currencies are not antidote to world food security. Global food availability and affordability is governed by law of demand and supply. In a world of over 6 billion people and maximum kilocalorie requirement of 500 per day per person; the world requires 6 billion x 500 kilocalories per day. For 7 days x 4 weeks x 12 months a year, you can imagine the kilocalorie alone required. Before you add protein, fat, mineral and vitamins. The world land is fixed at 13.07 billion hectares and not evenly available and distributed. Resources and technologies, political/government will and structure; world free trade in era of globalisation are major determinants of food availability, affordability and security. To add insult to injury are natural disasters like erosion, tsunami, flood, desertification, hurricane, and wildfire. Other impediment are problems of pests and diseases, inputs, allocation of resources, civil unrest, war, terrorism, economic recession/depression and high rate of poverty especially in developing world. World food problem has no clear answers. Nevertheless, sustainable agricultural revolution, world without borders, food democracy, political democracy, all round discipline and proper use and allocation of natural resources can help address the problems. Similarly, population checks not predicated on war and genocide as the world population is targeted to hit 9 billion by 2050.

Never Again! A Protest And A Warning Addressed To The Peoples Of Europe

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Never again must this Thing happen. The time has come - if the human race does not wish to destroy itself in its own madness - for men to make up their minds as to what they will do in the future; for now indeed is it true that we are come to the cross-roads, we stand at the Parting of the Ways.

Things That Go Fast - A Child's Address Book

RRP $13.99

This beautiful address book will make a great addition to any child's office space. It will allow your child to compile addresses and birth dates of friends and relative; so they may address their own cards and invitations. Images from "It's My Birthday."


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Ladies Womens Bags Shoes
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