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A World Of Fashion

RRP $71.50

Though fashion has evolved into a much more dynamic and complex industry, the simple act of admiring someone else's clothing was just the spark that was need to start its evolution. Clothing began to be seen as a symbol of status and often reflected the times in which they were created and worn. Fashion, and in particular, clothing, has been woven into the tapestry of mankind's story from its beginning.

Easygoing Fashions

RRP $15.95

Breezy, easygoing sweaters are yours to create with crochet! These summer-fresh designs by Kathleen Zins will mix and match with all your favorite separates. Two cropped sweaters, a sleeveless shell, long vest, mid-thigh top, and short sleeve pullover give you options to suit your mood. Wear them casual with denim or go a little dressy with slacks or skirts. The versatile pieces also make great gifts for your fashion-conscious friends!

Easygoing Fashions features six crochet designs for intermediate skill level. The Bluette cropped cardigan, Mint Tee, Blue Tank Top, Pinkette Short Jacket, and Neopolitan top use light weight yarn; the Lilacs long vest combines fine/sport weight and super fine yarns.

Fashioning The Silver Fork Novel

RRP $457.99

Fashion and celebrity may be twenty-first century obsessions, but they were also key concepts in Regency culture. Both celebrated and condemned for their popularity, silver fork novels were extremely prolific during this period. These texts detailed the lives and loves of London fashionables and in doing so became a form of conduct book, offering guidelines for members of the socially aspirant middle class. Wilson looks at the social and literary impact of this significant genre and charts its role in the development of the novel as a form and its status in the literary marketplace.


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Ladies Womens Bags Shoes
Dress Fashion Designer Incontinence

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Ladies Womens Bags Shoes
Dress Fashion Designer Incontinence

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