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The Ladies' Man

RRP $17.99

Mary Harrison, London-based author, wrote ten books and a play throughout the 1980s and 1990's. The play is about the life and times of her favourite novelist, Thomas Hardy. Mary was an avid fan and wrote the play in 1999. It is called The Ladies' Man. The manuscript was only discovered recently in an old bookcase. Available via Amazon, both on Kindle and as a published play. Mary explores the captivating relationships between author Thomas Hardy and all his leading ladies. She also writes about Thomas' relationship with his father and best friend plus a host of personal incites. Mary gets to the heart of Thomas Hardy's emotions and explores his troubled relationship with his wife, and later, with his true beloved.

You Saucy Minx - Sexercise For Ladies

RRP $16.99

Like exercise but better.

Get all steamy, have great orgasms and get into shape.

What is not to like?
Dr Comewell outlines some great ways to shape up and get more out of your bedroom fun. The companion volume toSexercise for Chaps and the Better Beach-Ready Bodies Through Better Orgasms.

A great stocking filler, the perfect cheeky partner present. Something for everyone to enjoy. A lighthearted book with humour and some serious helpful medical advice.
Perky advice on best positions, top dieting tips, better sleep hints and much more.

Page up and buy now!

America's First Ladies

RRP $259.99

Meet the First Ladies of the United States-sometimes inspiring, sometimes tragic, always fascinating-women who, though often unsung, helped hold the nation together in its infancy and advance it as a world power.

Overviews the social, political, and cultural significance of America's First Ladies in a convenient, chronological, reference format

Includes letters, notes, and speeches that allow the First Ladies to speak for themselves

Features engaging and informative sidebars that place the First Ladies in the cultural context of their times

Shares the 2014 First Ladies Ranking from the Siena Research Institute

Facilitates student research through an extensive reading guide and a list of online resources that will foster critical reading, thinking, and writing skills


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Ladies Womens Bags Shoes
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