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Bag Ladies

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Bag Ladies: Unpacked, a stage play by Kimberly A. Cullen, is an exhibit of women's life stories and the baggage we may carry spiritually and emotionally, from past and present crises to generational curses. It depicts how the baggage we carry can be the weight that prevents us from moving forward in life and growing in love. Eventually we start to unpack those emotions and insecurities on the ones closest to us, which inevitably becomes a burden that not only we carry, but that our loved ones are compelled to carry as well. Our frustration and inability to change our past and present circumstances causes us to react emotionally irrational, settling for less than God's best. Being driven by loneliness and desire can lead to temporary fixes that leave us "addicted" and cause us to chase a high that can only be fulfilled by God's Love. Pain becomes the comfort. The silent whispers of God's divine intervention become faint and we miss the moment to move towards healing. Sometimes our misguided desires will cause us to take our attention off what's most important, causing the assassination of our plans, dreams, goals, even life itself. In this book, we take a closer look at the main characters of Bag Ladies: Unpacked and witness various ways to overcome the issues that they represent by celebrating the stories of real women who have triumphed over loneliness, addiction, promiscuity, molestation, abuse, neglect, guilt, and depression. Kier Ayers, Tina Bailey, Ebony Bell, Doretha Crews, Nicole Griggs, Ronda Henry, Kim Lewis, Desiree Monique, Rachel Renee Smith, Caela Strong, and Tamela Farrar have all shared their personal stories within these pages. It is interesting how many similar threads run through each of these unique accounts. It is amazing how you can perhaps see a little of yourself in each story. Most notably, you will see your own strength and realize that you don't have to prove it to anyone by carrying around all that extra weight. Unpack your bags and move forward in freedom with us!

Wit And Wisdom Of America's First Ladies

RRP $7.99

""The one thing I do not want,"" quipped Jacqueline Kennedy, ""is to be called First Lady. It sounds like a saddle horse."" This lively collection includes more than 350 revealing and thought-provoking remarks by White House wives, from Martha Washington (""I live a very dull life here, and know nothing that passes in town."") to Michelle Obama (""The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.""). Humorous and heartfelt reflections include Abigail Adams's thoughts on partnership (""No man ever prospered in the world without the consent and cooperation of his wife.""); Dolley Madison's attitude toward gossip (""It is one of my sources of happiness never to desire a knowledge of other people's business.""); and Eleanor Roosevelt's comment on accountability (""It is often the people who refuse to assume any responsibility who are apt to be the sharpest critics of those who do."").

The Ladies' Man

RRP $17.99

Mary Harrison, London-based author, wrote ten books and a play throughout the 1980s and 1990's. The play is about the life and times of her favourite novelist, Thomas Hardy. Mary was an avid fan and wrote the play in 1999. It is called The Ladies' Man. The manuscript was only discovered recently in an old bookcase. Available via Amazon, both on Kindle and as a published play. Mary explores the captivating relationships between author Thomas Hardy and all his leading ladies. She also writes about Thomas' relationship with his father and best friend plus a host of personal incites. Mary gets to the heart of Thomas Hardy's emotions and explores his troubled relationship with his wife, and later, with his true beloved.


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